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Core Beliefs


Living authentically is not only about living into who God has made us to be, but accepting others as God has made them. We are perfect and beautiful as God has created us, despite our flaws and weaknesses. 


At The Vine we encourage and expect to question and lovingly challenge each other. Our hope is that we will actively participate in questioning by listening fully to others, exploring their cultures, viewpoints, and faith practices. We will engage in conversation and friendly debate. Education happens through exploration. We strive for continual growth and exploration of one’s faith.


The Vine believes that Jesus set the ultimate example for "Christian living". Jesus spent time loving people where they are and even when it was unpopular and unacceptable to do so. The Vine strives to be known as a church that loves people, all people, no matter what. The Vine will provide opportunities regularly to share love with people in random ways just because.


Relationships make us more than individuals of faith. Through authentic living, open dialogue, and serving together we form a group of people that are living in relationship, sharing commonalities and differences to create a loving, growing community of faith.  Our community lives "church" as a group of imperfect people accepting God's perfect love for all of humanity.